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"I did wonder over the weekend whether there is anything to be gained from my offering to meet Mr Hall on my own – on the basis that while it might not achieve anything, it probably couldn’t make things worse and it might just help".

Mark de Brunner |Business Director, Stamp Taxes | Excise, Stamps and Money business | HM Revenue and Customs | 9 March 2009

Gilbart QC

"I think it a matter of enormous regret that in 2003 to 2004 Mr Hall did not get good advice from an experienced firm of commercial solicitors, because everything that has happened since then has involved Mr Hall seeking to overturn what happened with regard to the registration".  2011

Rights of Priority
IPO Email to Andrew Hall and Northern Light Music Ltd, 01/09/2004:

"After consultation we can see no reason why the Office cannot record the assignment of the priority application from Northern Light Music Ltd to Select hearing Systems Ltd on the above patent. We would require a Form 21177 with the appropriate evidence. If you feel you need to seek professional advice from a patent agent or legal advisor, a list can be obtained from The Chartered Institute of Patent Agents

Rights of Priority & Patent

IPO Email to Wilson Gunn M'Caw [Agent on record for NLM Ltd and Andrew Hall only], 08/09/2004:

The proprietors of this case are Sense-Sonic Limited * … . We have had a request in from Mr. Hall of Northern Light Music Ltd to record the assignment of the priority case to Select Hearing Systems Ltd on the above patent. Please find a copy of the letter for your records addressed to Mr Hall. If a response to the letter is forthcoming, please quote my reference".

* An incomplete signature page of a draft sale and purchase agreement (couched in terms of an agreement to assign, not an assignment) identifies Stephen Leonard Conn, Admnistrative Receiver, as sole Agent for Sense-Sonic Ltd on 15 September 2003.
Rights of Priority & Patent

IPO Email from Wilson Gunn M'Caw [Agent on record for NLM Ltd and Andrew Hall only], 08/09/2004:

We enclose herewith an application to record a transfer of ownership of the above UK Patent, 

In support of this application we enclose herewith:- 

1. Patents Form No. 21/77;   

2. A certified copy of an extract of a certified copy fo the agreement dated 15 September 2003.  

Yours faithfully, 

Wilson Gunn M'Caw    


IPO Email  24/09/2004:


"Andrew  This is all we look at to register a transaction  Steve” ASSIGNMENTS GUIDENOTES.doc

Registered Designs:
IPO Letter 19/03/2005: 

"Dear Sirs ... this batch of assignments got misplaced ...  Shaun"  [official cover-up, six months after application]

Registered Trade Mark:
IPO Concealment from HMRC 20/12/2008:




“At a time when the retrenchment of the state is evident in many areas, including the funding of the Crown Prosecution Service and the Serious Fraud Office, it seems inevitable that the number of private prosecutions will increase, particularly in areas relating to the criminal misuse of intellectual property. In the overwhelming majority of such cases, a prosecution will serve the public interest in addressing such criminal conduct.”   Regina (Virgin Media Ltd) v Zinga paragraph 57


command of her majesty 4407 paragraph 560, july 1970

"Clearly it is most important for the proper functioning of the patent system that information concerning ownership of, and other interests in, patents should be as readily available as possible".    

And “We think it [i.e. the requirement to register] should be supplemented by more effective encouragement to the registration of changes of ownership of patents and the grant of exclusive licences in respect thereof. Ownership of a patent or the holding of an exclusive licence confers the most important of all patent rights, that of bringing an action against an infringer, and it follows that in these respects the register should always be complete and up to date.”


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